Grid-It XL for your suitcase.

Grid-It XL for your suitcase.

I go to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas almost every year, and I almost always leave with something…or at least with the information for the intent (since you typically can’t buy products on the trade show floor).

This time around, it was the Grid-It, by Cocoon; I love it.  It’s been around, but it didn’t grab my attention until I walked by their booth.  And, there might have been a rep (or model), almost as beautiful as my wife (but not quite), holding one as I walked by!

This thing is great.  It’ll hold and organize your pocket camera, phone/iPod/mp3 player, a small portable speaker (like the Jambox), drugs, toothpaste and more.  I got the three pack, and the one that holds an iPad!  These items help take the stress out of packing, and further enhances your cruising experience.


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