Several years ago, when the internet craze was in its infancy, I understood why ships were charging extremely high connection rates.  Everybody seemed to be charging…something.  Early on, even Starbucks would only give away their internet if you had an account with the same service that they had their partnership with (three letters with an “&” somewhere in between).

This is now 2013, and wifi is practically a way of life…a staple.  It is expected to be in place almost anywhere one goes.  Yes, it is available on board most cruise ships, but it seems the pricing structure remains constant…constantly high!  $75 for 100 minutes?  75 cents per minute?  These rates are about the same as they were in the “old days of internet.”

I’m not looking for it to be free…just moderately priced.  Hotels do it.  And let’s face it, if a hotel is advertising it as “FREE”, it’s included somewhere in your charges, like in the resort fee.

Since our connectivity is such a way of life these days, I’m one for including internet in the cost of the cruise.  Of course, I do not know what the numbers should be (I’m sure size of ship and number of passengers will partially dictate this), but psychologically, I’d rather pay more for my trip than be hit with the crazy numbers above.  It is so difficult to get away from work sometimes, and reasonable internet rates would make cruising even more attractive for those who find it difficult (for business and pleasure) to be away for the length of the cruise.

What do you think?

UPDATE ….Found a link to a message board thread about UNLIMITED INTERNET PACKAGES on CARNIVAL!!

One Thought on “Internet Access on Cruise Ships

  1. Hi,
    Last December I was on the Carnival Breeze.
    I did not bring the iPad because of the outrageous internet prices published on line.
    To my surprise when we got on board the prices were totally different, $69 for the full 6 days!
    They told me that the prices were not published because the ship was too new.
    Go figure…
    In any case, bring your computer and don’t believe every price you see published on Carnival website for the internet connection. They may be running specials!

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