Does It Influence You With Regards to The Ship You Book?

Enjoying a cupcake on the Allure.  Loved it...doesn't mean everyone will!!

Enjoying a cupcake on the Allure. Loved it…doesn’t mean everyone will!!

As a Senior Ops Exec for a large-scale community, I’ve learned that 10,000 people = 10,000 opinions. With this logic, some will love the local, chain, buffet restaurant…some will dislike it immensely. I, for one, will not even attempt to be a food critic. Nor will I allow a reviewer to influence my food choices…UNLESS that reviewer knows me (well) and my picky eating habits. Everyone has different tastes, taste buds…etc. I’m not speaking of the Cruise Experience…you can have a nice experience and not be nuts about the food.

What do you all think?

2 Thoughts on “How Much To Heart Do You Take Cruise Ship Food Reviews?

  1. murray solomon on March 28, 2013 at 11:02 am said:

    I consider the food experience on an equal level with the cruise experience.Most of the time when you ask a cruiser about their cruise you’ll here about the ship followed by the food and they might even remember the ports of call.I look forward to trying different foods I would never think of trying outside of the ship offerings.It’s all part of the total experience for me.

    • Did someone say food??? The Buffets! The Dinners! The Desserts! Wait; We’re on a ship? Another persons opinion or critique of a cruise ships food would not influence me to book or not to book a particular cruise line or ship. Technically, each ship voyage is another chance for that culinary staff to better themselves. Plus, I’m a veggie lover and may be reading or listening to a review by a meat and potato lover.
      So, to answer your question….I take other people’s food reviews with a grain of salt. Can I hit the chocolate buffet now?

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