Not using the elevators is a good thing, but I mean, do you pay good money to vacation on one of these behemoths AND workout while you are cruise vacationing?  If you answered yes, maybe I’ll see you in the gym!


Going to the gym…then, the buffet. Took the stairs, of course!

Fitness Centers on cruise ships have come a long way.  In 1992, I remember my first trek into the gym on a ship; it was the Sovereign of the Seas (RCCI).  The room they called the gym was pretty small.  Dumbells were limited.  I expected to find stack machines (machine with weight plate, with intensity changed by moving a pin, but instead found machines that used air as resistance.  Furthermore, the selection of the machines didn’t cover all of the basic movements.  But, I’m a positive thinker, so I improvised and had a nice workout.

Today, the gyms are very large, fully equipped (still not many free weights, but understandable on a moving ship) and usually situated very close to a full service spa.  They now have everything you need to get a full body workout.  My favorite thus far, the gym on the NCL Epic.  It was epic…and larger than the retail gym I frequent.  Can’t wait to see, and use, the gym on the Breakaway.  If you go to a gym, please put equipment in its place and stack the weights and plates, when you are finished!!

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