alaska04You’ve heard the suggestions for cruising Alaska before; dress in layers, mosquito repellant, rain gear, smaller crowds in May and September…all of those and others you’ve read about are great suggestions. But there is one suggestion that is almost never mentioned….at least I’ve never seen it…


Snow hiking, walking on ice and glaciers, helicopter rides, standing in between train cars (outside!) while it’s climbing snow-filled mountains, dog sledding and much more.

DO NOT WAIT UNTIL YOUR GOLDEN YEARS to experience Alaska.  To maximize your Alaskan Cruise Experience it is best to do it now if you can.  I have a multitude of experience with the senior citizen demographic, and I hear it all the time from Alaskan Cruise first-timers…”We should have done it when we were younger.”

We did and are glad we did.  It’s hard enough to maintain your energy levels at any age, especially after traveling to get to the ship in the first place!  In addition, weather such as what is in the Pacific Northwest (U.S.) and Alaska can make you feel tired too, especially if you reside in a warm weather climate year-round.

Oh, and one other suggestion…check out this link.  We did, and these are not available on ships, nor are they advertised there.  If you take a tour in each Alaskan port city during a seven-day trip, and you travel as a couple, you can save boatloads of money.  We saved a shade over $600 versus doing the advertised excursions!

Happy Cruising!

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