Between Facebook, LinkedIn and face-to-face conversations (yes, you read correctly), nearly 80% said they only give cruise lines one (1) “chance” before saying “they would never come back” after negative experiences.  It was a very informal question posed; I didn’t get into the food, the service, the entertainment or even the friendliness of the staff.  I kept it basic, and the answer, by a wide margin, was one.

With one person in particular, I followed up by asking if she would return to her FAVORITE restaurant after a bad experience.  I did not ask the same follow-up question with regards to her favorite cruise line.  But, I venture to guess that her answer would have been the same as the restaurant…”Yes.”  Tomorrow, I am going to pose the restaurant and cruise line follow-up questions, because now I am curious.

I realize the investments are not the same, and that is a HUGE factor.  Take even a date night at your favorite upscale steak-house, where the average bill for two will be around $120-$150.  If you had a bad steak one night, realizing typically good restaurants may have a bad night once in a while, you may be pissed, but you are more likely to return. Why? The $120-$150 investment is not as steep as a cruise vacation for two; or a trip to a hugely popular resort in Central Florida!  I have many thoughts as to why the number was nearly 80%, even for a “glass-half-full” type of guy like myself:

  • A bad night out didn’t cost you vacation time, or even one-day lost at work…but a cruise on the other hand will cost more money in addition to the vacay and work time, as well as potential travel expenses getting to the ship
  • If it is your FIRST cruise with a particular line, you have no basis for comparison…only hearsay from others
  • The cruiser may already have loyalty “points” built up with another line, therefore will not chance it again on the negative experience
  • The cruiser may have gone with a new line (for him/herself) with preconceived notions, so a nice time was NOT going to be had regardless.

I’m sure there are many more reasons.  But now, what about negative experiences on what is currently your FAVORITE cruise line?  After spending  money on airfare, the cruise itself, shore excursions and other on-board expenses, using vacation time and having to get caught up at work…would you again sail with your favorite cruise line after a negative experience?  With regards to this question, I’m sure people think about some of the items mentioned above, such as perks and loyalty programs as well as past positive experiences (heck, they just had a bad week…).

I would LOVE to have more of your thoughts here on the blog and on our Facebook page; especially from those who said they would only give a cruise line one chance!  Does this include your FAVORITE cruise line?

One Thought on “Giving Cruise Lines Multiple Chances

  1. norman on April 10, 2013 at 9:31 pm said:

    I guess it would depend on the cruise line and the reasons for not liking the cruise. For example, NCL Hawaii was a nice ship, but was disorganized because of the crew. Had i not been on NCL before, i probably would have not gone back, but all of my experiences on NCL were good.

    However, there are two cruise lines which are not age appropriate for me. I had a crummy experience on the ” party” cruise line and a worse experience on one that is known for having an older crowd. I just didn’t fit in with the activities.
    I don’t find that much of a difference between the cruise lines. I just wish all of them had more seating at the pool area. It is always hard to find chairs between people putting towels down and not using them and other people waking up before the sun to save seats.

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