They'll all store and play mp3's and movie files!

All 3 store and play mp3’s and movie files.

Packing for a cruise can be both fun and a pain in the a$$.   If you live far from the departure port and fly into town, packing for the cruise becomes more difficult.   If you live locally and can drive to the port, this is ideal and packing becomes easier. Driving means no worrying about airline baggage fees, weight restrictions and hidden airline fees.  It’s still not easy to choose what to pack with regards to your clothes, but our personal entertainment options continue to get easier and more compact.

The tiny, and capable, Jawbone Jambox.  Battery lasts 10-12 hours!

The tiny, and capable, Jawbone Jambox. Battery lasts 10-12 hours!

One way to enhance your cruise experience is to bring a digital music collection, a set of headphones and a small bluetooth speaker.  The music collection can be on your smartphone or on a device such as an iPad.  I prefer the iPad because I can also download a couple of books and magazines and have them to read while on the cruise, plane or beach.

I suggest bringing a collection of your favorite music because I can only handle the rotating, piped-in music (through the stateroom TV channels) for one or two rotations before it drives me crazy!!  Love “Hot Hot Hot” and “Jamaica Farewell”, but not for 76 times during a seven day cruise.  This is when loading up the iPad or smartphone with your favorite mp3’s comes in handy!  Pair up your digital bluetooth device with a portable speaker like the Jawbone Jambox and you can have Coffeehouse music playing in your stateroom during breakfast and Barry White singing after that romantic dinner for two.  Catch my drift?   Then you can take your device poolside  or to the gym with your set of headphones.

Almost all smartphones and tablets have bluetooth capability, and there are plenty of bluetooth portable speakers on the market.  For me, the Jambox is small, and packs a punch for its size.  The bass is a little better on the portable Logitech UE speaker line.

Part of Logitech's UE line of headphones.  They come with adapter and carrying case.

Part of Logitech’s UE line of headphones. They come with adapter and carrying case.

Headphones?  I went to Best Buy with the intention of purchasing a pair of Dr. Dre Beats.  However, I purchased a pair of Logitech UE headphones instead.  For the $179 price tag, I could not justify spending the extra $20 for the Dre’s.  The UE’s were right there with the highs, the lows, quality and comfort.  I was never a Logitech fan until their UE line.

OK, off to put “Hot Hot Hot” and “You’re the First, the Last, My Everything” onto my iPad for the Breakaway cruise!  And yes, the latter will be played 76 times!!  Cheers!

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