Contributor, Tore Berger

Contributor, Tore Berger

-contributor Tore Berger

On a cruise, you might want to relax with your favorite cocktail, beer, or maybe a glass of wine. What to drink? What about the selection? Why don’t they have this or that?

Today, most commercialized industries are partnering with other industries. On a cruise ship, it is common to have an agreement with one or two (sometimes three) large beverage distributors.  You need your basic wines, a main beer supplier, and you definitely need your base of liquor.  Most cruise companies have an annual point of meeting, with a selection of employees from here and there, and go through potential deals, needs, news, and wishes. You can never satisfy everybody, but you need to satisfy the most.  “Pouring brands”, the ones you use the most, are usually one of the difficult issues. The Beer supplier, and what select brands they have, is another. Wine is probably the one which makes the most discussion (at the planning meetings).

Trends – The restaurant menus – Pricing – Menu help – and of course, logistics, are key factors. You can’t have it all, you need to deal the best purchase prices, and you need to find a fine balance between that and the guests’ expectations and wishes.

The better prices and deals, the better prices for the consumer, the guests…you!

Logistics of course is equaled to price. The more, the better. It’s like that in all business, in all trades, in all companies. Sorry that we don’t always have your favorite rum, beer, wine, or maybe liqueur. But choose a professional cruise company, and I promise you that the beverage employees will help you out with an alternative. Ask the bartenders for your favorite cocktail! Ask the Sommelier (Wine steward) for his/her choice. Use the crew and their professionalism with any question concerning beverage. We can’t have anything, but we surely will help you out as best we can.

“A day without a good drink, is like a life without laughter…”

Norway greets you: Tore Berger

One Thought on “Choices of Beverage

  1. In one of the cruises, I believe it was Carnival Spirit or Victory, truthfully I can’t remember which one.
    I asked for my favorite liquor, Bailey’s Irish Cream.
    When it was served to me, not only it was tiny, but expensive.
    I politely made a remark about it.
    From that day on the bartender made sure that I was satisfied with the size of the drink.
    Loved it!

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