Pilots do it, so why not cruise ship officers?  A safe cruise lends toward a Positive Cruise Experience for You!  This video is brief and explains a bit about what it is supposed to provide.  It’s also a really cool insight into the technology used today as well.  You may also recognize the person narrating…I think he was the first Captain of the Oasis of the Seas (I remember him from a documentary about the Oasis)…Captain Wright.  Click on the link below and enjoy:


One Thought on ““Sailing Simulators” – For Your Safety, and Really Cool Tech!

  1. This is definitely a very cool thing, I wish the video would have gone further and show some of the simulations they put their crew through. I have seen a TV documentary about this and it did show a bit more details. It is a great idea, it a must for airplane pilots and for the maritime crews it can help avoid a lot of the mishaps we have had. Next, they need to replace the driver license test with a 4 hour simulator that you need to master before you can drive a car. That’s the way I see it (without my glasses).

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