• IMG_4719None of us will ever be around long enough to find out if the archival DVDs really last 100 years.  So, back up movies in multiple places, and in multiple formats!
  • Get a waterproof/water resistant/anti-shake camera (like a Hero).
  • Print your photographs that mean something to you.  Yes, I said print!!  A paper photo won’t “digitally disappear” due to a hard drive crash or network infiltration!  I’ve heard it too many times…people losing their collections of photos because of a hard drive failure, or even accidental deleting.
  • Bring extra media (SD cards) and batteries on your trip.
  • A device that works well in low-light situations (especially for capturing effective, in-ship video/photos)
  • A good time to get shots of the interior of the ship is before the masses have returned from a day ashore.
  • Remember your smartphones!  You can disable cell service and still use it as a still or video camera.
  • If you plan to purchase photos from the ship, find out ahead of time if there are special packages.  If you wait until check out, you may be unpleasantly surprised, causing a negative memory of your trip.
  • Research the ship and the destinations ahead of time; plan for your shots so you don’t miss anything!
  • Find out about policies in ships’ venues when an event is taking place.  If they say “no flash photography”, it doesn’t always mean that you cannot take a photo.  They may just not want the flash to be a distraction, especially with regards to safety of the performer(s).

3 Thoughts on “Tips on Documenting Your Cruise Customer Experiences!

  1. Another great way of preserving the memories, which is what I do with my favorite cruise shots, is making a photo book.
    It’s an inexpensive way of telling a story and an enjoyable item to keep by the coffee table.
    Check out “4 Ever Books” at http://www.CamerasBrookwood.com , or the “Photo Books” at http://www.shutterfly.com , both offer really nice deals.

  2. Cathy on April 28, 2013 at 6:58 am said:

    Keep your room key to document the cruise line, ship and date.

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