Contributor, Tore Berger

Contributor, Tore Berger

Why is it so that we have to decide our restaurant seating, before going on a cruise?  The answer is logical and obvious; logistics and planning.

Some cruise companies have a freestyle concept, where one can decide where to eat, and what, that actual day. Perfect a lot of us say, but also with a flip side, you have to book a table for every meal. The concept of fixed seating everyday gives you a fixed table, the same waiter, and some variety of food options.

Nice when it comes to planning, fun when it comes to getting to know your wait staff, and relaxing when you know there is no line, waiting to be seated, or disappointments for not getting a table.

A combination of these would be perfect you might say. The thing is, it would probably be more confusing than guest friendly. Most cruise ships today have a lot to choose from when it comes to foods and concepts. If it’s a fixed seating concept or a 100% freestyle system, use the ships restaurants and dinning facilities.

Cover charge or fee? Take the cost, it is most probably worth it. The head chef has the logistics in mind before starting a cruise. The menus have to be ready, the galley staff has to know, and the guests have to know what to come to. But if the ship is out of Veal, Fois grais, Oysters or something else the last day, I guarantee they have a nice alternative for you.

“Bon appétit” to Your next cruise, with or without fixed seating!

-Tore Berger

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