shp_br_lov-state_sch_379You can enhance your Cruise Experience and save money by choosing your stateroom wisely.  Here are some things to consider:

  1. Do you truly need a larger stateroom, spending the extra bucks for a mini-suite or larger?  Think about how often you spend time in your stateroom, and how you spend that time?
  2. Along the same lines, how often do you use the balcony? Is it necessary to spend the extra money on the balcony when considering the amount of time you spend out there?
  3. If size is important, a travel agent can help.  He/she should know the average stateroom sizes for each cruise line, and ship.
  4. If Hurricane Season doesn’t faze you much, you can find better deals on Caribbean Cruises in late August to mid-October, which is the peak of the Caribbean Hurricane Season.  This might be your opportunity to get that mini-suite at balcony stateroom prices.
  5. Booking a Guarantee (a category level without knowing your stateroom number until the cruise gets closer) will save you money.  It is also quite possible that you get bumped up to a higher category level.
  6. If you are a frequent cruiser on a particular line (and sister lines of a parent company), perks tend to include upgrades to higher stateroom categories.  Be sure to look into this!

Don’t get me wrong…a suite is sweet!  However, I certainly do not cruise to spend much time in my stateroom.  And, when I am in the stateroom, its size isn’t an issue, since I’m either on the bed, in the lav and/or paying attention to my beautiful wife!  The money saved on the proper stateroom can be used for other amenities on board, as well as for shore excursions and shopping.  And, maybe…just maybe…a drink or two (or three)!!

3 Thoughts on “Size Doesn’t Matter…It’s How You Use It!

  1. It’s hard to tell ahead of time whether you will be taking advantage of the balcony if you choose to get one. In my situation, I am a very early riser, my husband is not, and it was an additional $100 per person, so we booked it.

    On our last cruise, on the Carnival Breeze, the balcony was pretty small, no lounge chairs. There were two upright chairs for which the back reclined, not very comfortable. I did enjoy the smell and sound of the ocean, and especially the sunrise! Magnificent views! No regrets!

    • Christine on May 8, 2013 at 7:01 am said:

      We are suite cruisers. We like the fact that we can come back to a room that is a bit more spacious. We like having a concierge and sometimes our own butler (ncl). We enjoy dining on our balcony. As far as using a travel agent…..the cruises website will tell you how big a stateroom is. We are ship people. We cruise for the ships not necessarily for the destinations. It is our pampered vacation. It is a matter of choice and these are some of our reasons why we prefer a larger stateroom.

      • jeffreysolomon on May 8, 2013 at 8:21 am said:

        Christine…thank you for the comment, and you got the point! You spend it if you are really going to use it!! Keep on cruising! Cheers!

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