IMG_5022This was our final day at sea heading back to New York City.  Again, the beautiful weather continued, and it was warm enough to ride the slides, and for the rest of our group to challenge the rope course and to walk the plank!

The water slides on Breakaway are by far the fastest water slides at sea that I’ve experienced.  In addition, the water is heated, so even on cooler, windier days, passengers can enjoy the pools and the water park.  Just keep your towels close by!  The two free fall slides provide quite the rush, but the others aren’t anything to stick your noses up at either!  They ride fast, and, at some point, you are in total darkness.  The first time is the greatest, since you do not really know when you are going to reach daylight and splash at the bottom.  We spent the rest of the day relaxing at Spice h2O and enjoying cold beverages.

On the Breakaway, passengers may choose their colored luggage tags for disembarking.  A chart is provided with the approximate times that the colors will be called, so that you may plan your morning accordingly.  In addition, you may disembark as soon as the ship is cleared if you can carry all of your luggage off of the ship.  Otherwise, it was requested that your bags be placed outside of your staterooms as close to 11:00pm as possible, on the final night.

The process on the final morning was very civilized; not as chaotic as I had envisioned.  The bags were easy find, but if you do not recall from Embarkation Day, the pier is perpendicular to the street, so it is a long walk out once you have your belongings.  Catching a cab was easy…just across the street on 12th Avenue is a taxi stand, and they are all lined up and waiting.  The ride to La Guardia Airport was a brief 25 minutes, and cost, with toll and tip, $42.  Many people were sharing rides to the airport as well.  Another positive note…we were in the taxi line 21 minutes after our luggage tag color was called…and we left from the 12th Deck!!

2 Thoughts on “Norwegian Breakaway, Day 7, Disembarking

  1. Susan on June 3, 2013 at 2:18 pm said:

    Disembarking for us took longer about an hour before we got called up we were in the third group called up after the walk off and carry your own luggage took five min to get a cab after walking across the street and about 20 min to LGA.We were on the first Bermuda cruise on the 12th-19th.Lots of people in line made embarkation slower.

    • jeffreysolomon on June 3, 2013 at 6:35 pm said:

      Thanks for sharing. It will be interesting to monitor how the process changes as Breakaway cruises continue.

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