buffetbevIf you like to get all or most of your meal items at the buffet, in one shot, some cruise ships are making it difficult to do so.  On some ships, there is one thing that is lacking, and that can help with this problem:


We recently returned from a cruise ship which did not offer trays for passengers’ use at the buffet.  One passenger joked that it was because there was a “Server Convention” on board.  Very clever…I thought!  Well, there are some very valid reasons for eliminating trays:

  1. More room at your tables
  2. Less weight on the ship
  3. Less to clean
  4. More room for those in line at the buffet, and
  5. Less cost for the cruise line.

Yes, these make sense, and I’m sure there are others.  But, not all of us are servers, and can balance a plate on one arm, while carrying a bowl of something in one hand, and a beverage in the other.  In addition, going back and forth (and perhaps waiting for others in your party to do the same) means your food may get cold.  Also, what if you want take a bunch of stuff back to your stateroom?  We missed our trays!

I’m not suggesting you pack a couple of trays to take with you (maybe we will start a trend, LOL!), but there is something much simpler you can do.  Order room service.  Then, when you are finished, put all of the items outside for pick-up, but KEEP THE TRAY!  Take the tray with you to the buffet area.  We did this on our last cruise and we got more of the “Mr. Spock Raised Eyebrow” looks from the staff than we did from fellow passengers.  Remember to take the tray back to the room when you are done!  Tacky…a little…but we wanted to consume our food while at its warmest!

Enjoy your next cruise everybody…we will be back soon; Cheers!

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