That's me, on the right, wearing my Ministry of Supply 'Core' shirt.

That’s me, on the right, wearing my Ministry of Supply ‘Core’ shirt.

The debate goes on.  Cruisers who long for the cruising of yesterday (dressing up, all-assigned dining tables and time, etc.) versus the growing number of cruisers who seem to enjoy the options cruise lines offer today, allowing for more choice with regards to dining and dress.  Well, I found a line of clothes that allows you to both look good and feel comfortable doing so, all day long.

The company is Ministry of Supply, based out of Boston, MA.  As of this writing, MOS offers clothing only for men, and they certainly do not market themselves in the world of cruising, but towards the business professional (think “the active professional”).  I can’t speak for all male cruisers, but I for one prefer to dress more business casually for dinner on board, than I would more formally.  Heck, you’re on holiday!

MOS takes the technology principles that exist in performance apparel (think Under Armour, Patagonia) and bring it into professional clothing like dress shirts and pants.  Who wouldn’t want this on their cruise vacation, particularly if you want to look great, and feel comfortable as you cruise into warm weather climates!  I purchased one of their shirts and wore it all day long in Bermuda.  It did what it was supposed to do, and I felt comfortable both in the outdoor heat and in the air-conditioned restaurants we visited.  Now, MOS is looking to produce a performance dress sock!  You can read about it HERE.  Their entire line can be found HERE.

Here’s to a comfortable cruise!!

One Thought on “Cruise Comfort Technology – You Can Look Good and Feel Comfortable With This Great Find!

  1. You are absolutely correct about Ministry of Supply.
    My husband is in love with their shirts.
    I’m jealous !

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