Most cruise ship staterooms will provide basic toiletries such as soap and shampoo. But, you may want to make room in your luggage for your favorite brands (I’m not a big fan of the mystery soaps on wall dispensers). The same can be said for hair dryers. Most staterooms come with weak dryers so if you’re picky, pack your own. Be mindful, however, of your ship’s power limitations, per cabin (not really an issue on newer ships).

This travel-sized power strip even has two USB inputs!

This travel-sized power strip even has two USB inputs!

The majority of cruise ship staterooms do not contain alarm clocks. If you do not want to use a telephone wake up call, bring your own. If you choose to use a cell phone, be sure to disable cellular service so you do not incur any roaming charges. Other items you might want to pack because they’re not provided (or costly to purchase aboard) include:extra hangers, O-T-C meds, batteries, camera memory cards, sunscreen, ear plugs, plastic bags (transporting liquids or wet things, or keeping water out of your gear on water-based tours) and power strips to charge all your electronics.

Do you have any other must-have, or easily overlooked, items? Share with your fellow cruisers here!

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