The Eurodam!

The Eurodam!

Probably the biggest myth about using a cruise (travel) agency/agent to book is that you will pay more versus booking yourself or via the cruise lines directly. This could not be farther from the truth!

Did you know…

  • Travel agents have access to special group rates that are not offered directly to the masses. Often, these group rates are offered with extra on board credits not offered by the cruise lines.
  • Agent commissions are BUILT IN to the prices of the cruise whether you use an agent OR book directly! What this means is no surcharge when working with an agent.
  • If prices reduce before you make your final payment, your agent will advise you and your out of pocket cost will be reduced! A cruise line will not do this.

We are here if you need us…you decide the time and we can even set up a Skype meeting for that personal touch! Bon Voyage!!

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