Cathy here, and I am a professional flight attendant.  I realize how stressful travel plans can be, especially when you have deadlines, and on-time arrivals and departures at the airport are crucial for arriving before the ship’s ‘three horn blows!’

Today’s online options to help find the cheapest flights are fantastic, efficient, and most are easy to use (thanks William Shatner!). But, there is one thing that I urge you to be careful of, especially if you don’t want the ship to depart with your stateroom empty.

Some of the cheapest rates for flights can be found by choosing itineraries that combine DIFFERENT AIRLINES. While it may cause less stress in your pocketbooks, it can add stresses in the form of ruining your vacations.  If flight #1 on airline “x” is late, and you miss your connecting flight on airline “y”, airline “x” is NOT obligated to help you with finding another flight. If you are flying on the day of your cruise, well, I do not need to tell you what could possibly happen next.

It may cost you a little more, but, whenever possible, stick with the same airline for multiple legs to get you to your destination.  Another tip, if it’s possible, leave a day earlier than originally intended.  This gives you even more time in the event of flight cancellations and delays.  If you arrive on time ( a day or so early), it’s a great opportunity to take in a new city!

Happy Cruising (and flying) everybody!  Here’s to positive Cruise Experiences!