Jeff & Cathy Solomon on the Allure!

Jeff & Cathy Solomon on the Allure!


“It’s not what you tell people that they will remember, but rather, how you tell them.”

Jeffrey Solomon is a Senior Operations Executive and Customer Experience Expert, as well as an avid cruiser.  Professionally, Jeff enjoys being a part of just about anything geared towards the end user having the experience of a lifetime…or at least “of the moment!”

Jeff has over 20 years in the hospitality and service industries, including customer experience, marketing, public relations, spa and fitness, recreation and entertainment. He is a leader in the establishment of operational excellence while driving bottom-line ROI through focus on the needs of all “invested” business partners: customers, employees and investors.

Jeff’s background is rich with management and leading large organizations, including over ten years as at a 10k-resident resort community. Jeff knows first-hand that it’s all about the people and their experiences which make an organization successful. He has also consulted with several additional communities and resorts throughout the southeast, improving their guest and resident experiences, writing policies and procedures and streamlining management operations. Jeff also works with cruise and travel industry professionals, helping them with all aspects of their client relationships, marketing efforts and public relations campaigns. He serves as Customer Experience and Marketing Consultant for Florida-based Across Oceans Group and is also co-founder of for hotels, resorts and ships. You can email Jeff at


Stephanie Bonilla

Stephanie Bonilla


I’m Stephanie Bonilla, a 20-something female based out of the “Magic City,” traditionally known as Miami (or the Havana of America for an international comparison). I am a Marketing Director at a mid-sized law firm and avid writer; Boring and conventional as that may sound to some, I truly enjoy my job. I am not a vagabond nor do I desire to ever become one. The “real world” and I really do click.  But it is safe to say I’m a walking contradiction–fond of the ordinary, yet coveting the unorthodox. That wasn’t always the case.

Those who have known me since birth would describe me as one who treads on the safe side. For the past couple of years, however, that has thankfully changed. Growing up, I never had the opportunity to travel often. For the first 21 years of my life, I visited Orlando, Nicaragua, New York City, and the Dominican Republic–in that exact order. My parents love the familiar, never allowing us to leave the comfort zone of our all-inclusive hotels to explore.

My first real taste of adventure was during a college trip to Negril, Jamaica. I can honestly say it was love at first sight. Much like finding a soul mate, we oftentimes find it troublesome to explain the reasoning behind our love–which perfectly describes my sentiments for adventure.  I find it difficult to pinpoint if my love stems from the friendly people I encountered during my travels, the impressive landscapes that saluted my eyes, the flavorful foods that graced my palate, or that tingly feeling I felt in the pit of my stomach once I finally stepped out of my comfort zone. All I can say is adventure and I have been going strong since.

From that moment on, I have tried to explore the world beyond my Miami bubble and within it. Let me explain. Because I am one of those suckers who actually fancies their 9-5 yet strives to live a life less ordinary, I made a promise to myself in an effort to balance both lifestyles that I would spend at least two weekends a month exploring and experiencing new adventures, while using the remaining two to catch my breath. Oh. I also threw writing into the promise mix.

You might be asking yourself what a girl with a full-time job, who can’t roam across the globe for months at a time, has to offer. Well, you can stop wondering and start wandering. I am here to prove that satiating a travel craving doesn’t have to be out of reach for those who don’t have the means or PTO to back it up. In this small corner of the Internet, I will demonstrate how to explore the world slowly, whether it be going across the world to an exotic destination, or simply discovering the adventures that are awaiting right in your own backyard.

My articles are reflections of my own experiences in a humble attempt to enhance yours. Consider my recommendations a starter’s guide of sorts–helpful footprints that will lead you during the beginning of your journeys, leaving it to you to create your own endings. You will not find grandiose lists on how to achieve enlightenment or self-love here–this is about my everlasting relationship with adventure.



CruiseCX is happy to have Tore Berger as a contributor, bringing his years of expertise and experience to our panel of experts!  Tore is a busy man.  When he is not serving as Maitre’d for Color Line Cruises (Norway), he is busy with Berger Consulting, helping ensure his clients will provide a positive customer experience for their guests.

Tore is serious about his craft and is well schooled in several facets, including bartender (IBA Bar School in Singapore), WSET Wine Waiter (Oslo and London), Hospitality studies (eCornell, Ashworth and Norwegian Hotel Management School) and Coaching studies (Akershus University in Norway).  He has worked in various restaurant and hotel management positions in Norway from 1988 to 1998, and then later in 1998, began work with Color Line Cruises.  At CLC Tore worked his way up from Bartender to his current position as Maitre’d!

When he is not sailing, Tore calls Stavern, Norway, Scandinavia home.  If you have a question you would like Tore to answer on, or would like to contact him, email Tore at

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